About Us

Rifaat Associates is your "local international" law firm catering to the corporate legal needs of the GCC, Levant, and Africa region. We strive to typify transparency, confidentiality, reliability and commitment.

Rifaat Associates was founded to provide legal advice on an international level with a local flavor. With over 45 years of practical experience in the legal sector, Rifaat Associates has an extensive client portfolio encompassing significant regional and international corporate brands. We offer legal services to major public and private sector corporations involved in international transactions, including Qatari, Lebanese, European, American, and Asian organizations doing business in the region. Our client base includes banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, multinational construction companies, information technology start-ups, telecommunication companies, media corporations, major industrial companies, as well as foreign and domestic clients conducting cross-border transactions.

Rifaat Associates law firm

Our Services

Below are some of the legal areas the office covers.

Banking & Finance

We provide legal advice and assistance in all areas of banking law and finance in Qatar, Lebanon and in the region. This includes representing and advising local, regional and international banks active in our region and other financial institutions in their restructuring of operations, issuance of financial instruments, opening of branches and subsidiaries in various jurisdictions throughout the GCC, Levant, and Africa. We have conducted a number of legal due diligences on local and regional banks in preparation of contemplated mergers and acquisitions, and we were called upon to negotiate the relevant agreements pursuant to completion of the due diligence assignments.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We advise foreign companies with regards to their presence in the GCC, Lebanon, and Africa, such as with the creation of a branch office, representation office, offshore company, holding company, etc.. Al-Misnad & Rifaat also advises companies on day-to-day business issues, including corporate record keeping (the preparation of minutes for annual Board of Directors’ and shareholders’ meetings) and employment issues (drafting employment agreements and internal regulations, termination of employees). Our team also assists international companies in setting up joint ventures with local partners.

Intellectual Property

Working with clients ranging from large multinationals to local enterprises, we provide legal services in every matter related to trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Our team frequently participates in the negotiation of license agreements and advises on infringement disputes and other aspects of IP law. Our firm has acted on behalf of a variety of clients including a major Middle- Eastern CD producer, leading beverage manufacturers, a leading international retail distribution company, and pharmaceutical companies.

Commercial and Contract

We are specialized in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements on behalf of preeminent international and domestic entities in the fields of distributorship, licensing, the sale and purchase of aircrafts and boats, joint ventures and other types of cooperation agreements (encompassing numerous areas from large construction projects to mobile phone operations, tourism, and the leisure industry).

Mergers and Acquisitions

Rifaat Associates has repeatedly conducted due diligence in the context of company acquisitions as well as in connection with real estate, banking, telecommunications and power supply transactions. Rifaat Associates also assists clients in the drafting and negotiation of international contracts as well as in post-merger restructuring.

Securities & Financial Markets

Rifaat Associates is often requested to assist Qatari, Lebanese, European and US based banks and corporations in their issuance of financial instruments (funds, securities and derivatives) by providing  legal assistance to financial advisors, financial intermediaries and other providers of financial services.